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Organic Programs

The organic approach to lawn care is effective because it:

  • Builds your soil with humus, beneficial insects, healthy bacteria and fungus
  • Thickens the grass through building the soil, naturally reducing weeds
  • Prevents diseases through cultivating insects that combat pathogens
Fertilization Program: 


Pre-emergent Weed Preventer Program:

February - Corn Gluten Meal

October - Corn Gluten Meal


Post-emergent Weed Killer Program:

15% Vinegar/Orange Oil Solution - charged per gallon of solution used and applied as needed on a rotating schedule.


Important Factors for a weed free lawn:

1. Cutting on a weekly frequency during the growing season to limit the weed seed production

2. Watering in short increments 3-4 times on your watering day to reduce runoff (ie, 5 minutes per station at 1, 3, 5, and 7 am); for drip lines, 3 times per week for 25 minutes at 5 am

3. Building a healthy soil that promotes thick grass through organic fertilization, aeration, and adding amendments to the soil like topsoil with compost, green sand and lava sand

4. Creating an environment where weed-eating insects thrive

5. Applying corn gluten as a pre-emergent weed preventer and vinegar/orange oil as a post-emergent weed killer


Organic Disease Control Program:

-Beneficial Nematodes - control includes Grub Worms, Fire Ants, Fleas, Ticks, and Termites

-Trichogramma Wasps (beneficial) - to prevent destructive caterpillars like Webworms and leaf eating green worms 

-Lacewings (beneficial) - for controlling Aphids and other pests

-Lady Bugs (beneficial) - for controlling Scale and other pests 

-Essential oils - for mosquitoes and other pests

-Sick tree treatments - expose the root flare with an air spade, aerate the surrounding soil, add amendments


Lawn Aeration Program:

Spring and Fall -  Aerating the soil helps oxygen, water and fertilizer to penetrate the root zone 

Note: Adding topsoil with compost, lava sand and/or green sand following an aeration will help build your soil more quickly


We are certified through the Texas Organics Research Center (TORC); TORC ID: NOC5890-30

We are a licensed Pesticide Applicator through the Texas Department of Agriculture; TDA license # 0677357​​